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    The Re-Emergence of Tie-Dye Fashion

    Monday 7, 2014

    Anyone that has roamed the concrete jungles of any number of major cities around the world will attest that there has been a signi


    Fashion Squared: Down Under

    Monday 7, 2014

    These are women involved in the world of fashion that cover a broad spectrum of fashion, from behind the scenes, to creating the i


    Spotlight on Brazilian Fashion & Designers

    Monday 30, 2014

    Brazil may be the current home of the World Cup, but when it comes to the world of fashion, Brazil has steadily grown as a force t

    agua bendita 2

    Agua Bendita

    Monday 30, 2014

    A SUMMER MUST: AGUA BENDITA Summer is one of the best seasons, not just because of the incredible tans and cute short shorts, but


    Latin America’s Current Fashion Icons

    Monday 30, 2014

    There is no question that latin fashion has been made a tremendous impact on the global market, especially over the past twenty ye

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