CINDY WEI ZHANG SpringSummer 2016 Photoshoot

For Cindy Wei Zhang’s Spring/Summer 2016 collection, she worked with make-up artist, Gong Chang, for the photoshoot. Because this is the fourth time Gong and Cindy are working together, their understanding of each other’s craft is appreciative. While each collaboration is different with Cindy, there is a unilateral familiarity with the designer’s work for Gong. Yet, it never ceases to amaze Gong that each upcoming collection is different, like this collection being inspired by Chinese medicine. Before seeing Cindy’s inspiration, Gong had the impression it would conjure up dark muted tones, but he make-up artist gave the models ashy brows and lashes, like they had just emerged from a trek through the mysterious forest. He also gave the models an ashy texture to their hair for that natural element. The designer talked about pulling inspiration from the Ming Dynasty period, specially an herbal medicine book from that era that captured the nature, reflective of the collection.