Anna Jagodzińska Elle Magazine Cover Story

Model Anna Jagodzińska talked about gravitating towards classic pieces for Elle’s cover shoot. From silk scarves to casual jeans, the model considers investing in a nice coat in her wardrobe. Although she does not have a favorite designer, she values each designer for their individual sense of charisma in their creations. The model showed off fall and winter pieces in the shoot, like a neutral coat and trendy loafers. In another outfit, she donned high-waisted silk pants belted over a tube top and a billowy button-down. Her makeup was kept in the pink and peachy palette to complement her porcelain skin. As for accessories, Anna wore statement rings in blue gem tones to contrast with a marigold laced jacket. She recalls a time when she had to wear very high heels for a shoot atop a cliff. Although comical now, the model said all she wanted was to not plunge down the cliff. Another time, Anna had to travel to Australia for a 2-day shoot, and fly back afterwards. For her future plans, she mentions wanting to focus on the juice bar she just opened, as well as continue working in the modeling world.