• <i>Next Airtime: August 22, 2017 15:30</i><br><br>Designers from all over the world were inspired by simpler times and simpler designs, and put the word ‘minimalism’ back on our radars. If this year’s runways have shown us anything, it’s that the key to looking stylish this year is keeping it simple.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 22, 2017 16:30</i><br><br>Intriguing and charming city of cool, which never fails to capture the world’s attention --- We’ve got another fashion-pack season, challenging only the most daring design prodigies Antwerp has to offer, making the unconventional and unimaginable concepts into extra-ordinary fashion, possible! At stake is $10,000 and the title of Design Genius.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 26, 2017 04:00</i><br><br>A feature of luxurious craftsmanship and design by master watchmaker Czapek, highlighting unparalleled quality and aesthetics of traditional watchmaking and how the company progress as the ultimate Swiss brand for luxurious time pieces.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 25, 2017 04:00</i><br><br>Special showcase of fine craftsmanship and audacious passion for bespoke fragrance by perfumer creator Maison Guerlain, highlighting the iconic creation of luxurious scent and total sensory experience of beauty.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 25, 2017 20:00</i><br><br>Men of excellence who excel in their respective fields of fashion such as modelling, directing, style icons and become an inspiration to many.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 22, 2017 20:00</i><br><br>	Unpacking the best of footwear from the globe’s leading style capitals, in a comprehensive showcase of the entire spectrum of footwear brands, from high-fashion designer collections to the large branded businesses and even underground labels you’ve never heard before; Giving you the premiere trends of shoe collections for men and women.
  • <i>Next Airtime: August 23, 2017 00:30</i><br><br>An exclusive series that takes you deep inside the glamorous daily life of leading people in the fashion industry. From when they wake up until late into the night, Fashion 24 Hours follows famous models, designers, stylists, makeup artists, photographers and more. Giving you insider tips from their real life experience.