NO GREY SKIES: Making of the Hottest New Girl Group with Zach Sorgen

In this six-episode docu-series, No Grey Skies: Making of the Hottest New Girl Group, L.A. based music management assistant Zach Sorgen is tasked to put together a hot new girl group in just two weeks with a limited budget. After tough auditions, only five girls were chosen, and stepping into the role of band manager, Zach was challenged in his new position. The girls he chose were testing his management skills from the outset but the girls have obstacles to overcome as well. They have to learn a song and the choreography for a music video that Zach can present to his boss, Marvin. Marvin has high expectations but everyone hopes the song will become a chart-topper and the group will have greater success in the music industry.

Zach talked with us about himself, his past experience that brought him to where he is today and what it was like to put the No Grey Skies group together.

What is your relationship music when you were young?

I started piano lessons at the age of 7 and have been playing ever since. Later, I started playing trumpet and taught myself to play the guitar.

How did your musical career start?

In high school after jazz band, one day some friends and I decided to form a pop band. We recorded a low budget album just for fun and made a music video to go with the song. We were very surprised when the song ended up randomly going to Disney. That landed us a high profile attorney, agent, and managers in Los Angeles. After majoring in music at Vassar College in N.Y. I moved to L.A. and scored a few short films before realizing my passion was in songwriting. I hated practicing but loved writing songs. I started doing that for other artists and placed “Come First” by Terror Jr which reached 80million streams on Spotify.

Why did you decide to shift from being a musician to the business side of the music industry?

I realized that the people who make the decisions make the money. I decided that I wanted to try the business side of the music industry and make more money.

What was it like trying to put together a girl group?

It was a fun and totally new experience from what I’ve done before. It was much harder than I thought going into this. Overall, definitely a learning experience.

What was the group dynamic like? Was there a lot of drama?

There was a bit of drama before everyone settled in. Once we all got to know each other better, we were able to sort out our differences.

What was the biggest challenge during the show?

Balancing between the desires of different people/groups, wanting the girls to be happy but also Marvin to be happy and also make a hit product!

Watch this space as we’ll follow up with Zach after the show to find out more.

NO GREY SKIES: Making of the Hottest New Girl Group
Premieres July 5, 2017, then airs every Wednesday at 20:00 (GMT+2) in Europe
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